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 William Locke, 54, Human, Dark
William Locke
 Posted: Feb 11 2018, 09:06 PM


Age // 54

Posts // 28

Rank // Lieutenant

Nicknames // Locke

Species // Human

Status // Widowed + Straight


Dark + GMT (UK) + He/Him

William Locke

Locke. 54. Human. Jason Isaacs.


> 24th of January, 1964


> Lieutenant > NYPD


London, England

Current Residence

> NYC, New York


> N/A > N/A


> Straight > Widowed

William was born in a council estate in the south of London and spent his young years surrounded by his large family. There was always some kind of trouble for him to be part of and he was regularly caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing. His father wasn’t much a strong figure, so his mother would dish out most of the punishments, to no real effect.

His school years were no different, and he spent most of the time in detention when he bothered to show up. It wasn’t until his late teens that he overstepped the mark. Getting in a fight with another boy on the estate, he accidentally caught one of his neighbours with a wild blow as he was trying to break up the fight. Unlike his parents, his neighbour was not soft.

A former soldier, he took William and spent the evening lecturing him over how his life was going to go if he continued down the path he had started. Seeing potential in the boy, he advised him to try out the army, as he would soon be old enough to enlist. He challenged him to see if he was man enough to make it. It was the best challenge he was ever given.

Enlisting in the London Regiment, he powered his way through the training and earning a place in the regiment. Not content with just making it, he continued to push himself, if not to only beat the challenge, but to also let him know what his limit was. When he was able to, he applied for the Royal Marines, part of the Royal Navy, and passed the training to join that as well.

With his eyes set on joining the SBS (Special Boat Service) next, he was interrupted by the need for his brigade down in the Falklands War. Whilst a war had been ongoing up in Northern Island, he had managed to avoid war by his continuous progression. Now he would see what he was made of in the real battles. Something that would change him forever.

Heading down with his unit, 42 Commando, William, now nicknamed Locke by everyone, saw the entire war play out. Despite only lasting ten weeks, the war saw him lose several friends and he even killed for the first time. Returning home after the British won the war, he was no longer eager to push himself further in the military. He wanted to help, not kill.

Returning to a hero’s welcome, he didn’t feel much like a hero. Meeting the families of his fallen brothers in arms, he did all he could to help them. One of the families were a family of army and police members. Speaking with his friend’s father, they talked about the professions and it soon became clear to him how similar the jobs were.

Impressed by Locke, a good word was put in for him and he formally transferred out of the Navy and into the Metropolitan Police, returning to his home city of London. Despite his return conflict, he was still fresh in terms of his military record so he started as a standard constable and his old drive to push himself was restored.

Over the years, he continued to climb the career ladder. First, he became a Sergeant before then becoming an Inspector. It was here that he found he could do the more meaningful work. The serious crimes, not just the street crimes, but the ones that changed lives, were now landing on his desk. And boy, was he good at solving the cases.

There were a few big cases that he was part of. The Essex Strangler was caught after leaving evidence at a scene. The murder of a high ranking criminal turned out not to be a gang war as first thought, but another high profile serial killer, The London Lion. It was a gang tip-off that resulted in the arrest of the killer, much to everyone’s surprise.

It was during a case about Russian ties to some escort deaths that he met Nelya. Nelya Olehivna Koval was the daughter of a wealthy Ukrainian family who had fled to England after they had fallen foul of a Russian company. Her father was being investigated for running an escort business, though later these accusations were dropped.

Hitting it off with her from the first conversation, once the case had been solved, he contacted her and the rest was history. Soon they were married and he had even been promoted to Chief Inspector, going under the police name of DCI Locke. Now he had his own CID (Criminal Investigation Department) to run and boy, did he have the workload.

Feeling comfortable in this role, he stopped pursuing any further ranks in the police force. He knew that he could go further, but this was the last rank where he could truly help. After this, it was all politics and pen-pushing behind a desk, with monthly quotas to fill. He liked to still meet the people who were affected and tell them that the case had been solved.

Over a decade he remained in that department. His team barely changed over the years and they soon became like a family to him. Despite efforts with his wife, they were unable to have a family of their own. The love that he felt for those people was like the love a father had for their child. They were all he had.

The case was like many before it; a young prostitute found dead in some barrels with horrific injuries to her body. What was originally taken as a serial killer’s messy start soon turned out to be much bigger. A gangland killing of a potential witness, the stakes were raised. Still, Locke maintained the case and his team put in the hours to get the case solved.

A Russian crime family was revealed to have been behind the killing. The Petrovich family was one of the countries larger families, with decades of empire building backing them and many contacts protecting them. Their reach was global, but Locke had a job to do. The case soon became clearer to his team so they went after the men they believed played a part in it.

First, there was the low ranking British politician with everything to lose. It was believed that he was the client and their session got out of hand. Secondly, a known cleaner for the family, Urakov Edik Yevgenievich, had his DNA found on the body. And lastly, the Pakhan, otherwise known as a Godfather, Ilya Ulanov Petrovich, was believed to have ordered it.

The court case was largely a success. Both the politician and Urakov were convicted for their parts in the murder and cover-up. Ilya, however, had a strong defence team who argued that there was simply not enough evidence to tie him to the case. He was dropped from the case by the court, much to Locke’s anger. Telling Ilya he would prove it, they soon parted ways.

With his superiors telling him to leave the case alone, now that they had their killer behind bars, Locke and his team had to investigate on the sly. Apparently, they stepped too close to the truth, as bomb found its way into their department. Locke had been at home when it went off, sick with the flu.

Refused the chance to run the case against his team’s killer, due to his personal attachment to them all, he investigated Ilya himself. A few weeks later, whilst walking with Nelya to the pub, a car mounted the curb and hit them both. As he faded into the darkness, he saw his wife lying by his side, eyes wide open but no life left in them.

Waking up four months later from a medically induced coma, he was quickly informed that his wife had died at the scene. When he asked if anyone had been caught, he was given the good news; a known junkie in heavy debt to Ilya had been found a few roads away, injured from the impact as well. Since his arrest, several attempts had been made on his life, confirming another party involved.

When he had healed and buried his wife, Locke wanted the case. No matter how many times they told him no, he insisted. To his surprise, they soon gave him the case. Not because he had convinced them, but because someone higher up had commanded it. A politician’s aide soon met with him and informed him that he needed to meet with someone.

Meeting with a new Russian, he was brought up to speed. Ilya had acted without paying off the right people, or in fact even telling anyone in the Russian government. Because they did not wish bad relations with the UK, his paid for support from the government was lessened and his rivals were beginning to circle his territories. Ilya himself had fled to America.

Ilya had fled to New York City, seeking the protection of a family ally. Several of his enemies had also headed to the city to seek him out. Sent over by his commanding officers, Locke met with the homicide department of the NYPD and soon began to investigate where Ilya could be.

Following a tip-off from one of Ilya’s rivals, he was discovered in a small gang hideout. It turned out that his ally was far more small-time than anyone could have expected. After a successful police raid, Locke finally had Ilya in handcuffs, ready to be carted back to the UK to stand trial.

Travelling back with Ilya, he made sure he got to the court alive. This time the court sided heavily with the police, sentencing Ilya to life without parole for his part in the death of the homicide department, Nelya and countless others. With Ilya finally facing the justice he deserved, Locke found himself with no mission to pursue.

Everything at home hurt him and work was not the same without his team. After striking a friendship with some of the homicide team in NYC during his visit, he put in for a transfer to the US department, which was successful. Now, having been in the city a few months, he is starting to find his way in life on this new land, running a brand new team of fantastic detectives.


28. GMT. Discord or PM. Character #6.

application by nicole (i, ii, iii, iv).

Crayola Calix Merissa Phoenix Sara
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 03:27 AM

Active Member

Age // 28

Posts // 68

Rank // Admin

Nicknames // N/A

Species // Rare Bird

Status // Married + Straight


Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble. -Yehuda Berg

Merissa + CDT + She/Her


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