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Welcome to New York, home of the city that never sleeps. That couldn’t be more true. Recently, the Angels were shot down from Heaven and their wings were revoked by the Reapers. The race was disbanded, but now to step into their place are the Valkyrie, an ethereal race of warriors so seek justice for those who deserve it. With balance restored, the Demons have a worthy foe and continue their path of mischief and mayhem. Humans fight to be heard while Witches fear to be seen. Shape shifters are the outcasts of this world, but refuse to be put down. Werewolves claw to be at the top of the food chain, but Vampires are always plotting and scheming to be superior.

Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Valkyrie Coven
 Posted: Jul 29 2018, 11:40 PM

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Even though our Queen’s life started years and years prior to the start of this Coven, this Coven is still one of the oldest Hierarchies that still exist today. The leadership of Nïx Daalen if the first and only kind of leadership that this Coven has seen. From the moment she stepped out of Valhalla in 3100 B.C. to today, she had lead this Coven through their highs and lows. It all started in what was then considered Lower Egypt. In an unknown world, Nïx lead her Coven under the radar, but she didn’t allow them all to be shoved down the social class ladder. After Egypt unified in 3150 B.C., Nïx grabbed the attention of the new leader of the unified country, Narmer.

The Coven was riveried by the Egyptian Pharaohs for centuries and praised for their ability to fight. They were fascinated by their ethereal presence and origin. Throughout this time, the Coven thrived and flourished. They were awarded heavily for their services with gold, armor and weapons. Nothing compared to the weapons and armor the Valkyrie made for themselves, but the gifts were welcomed. In secret though, Nïx worked to free the slaves working under the looming presence of the Pharaohs and their nobility. Under the cover of night, she freed them in small droves. The whole coven worked for this goal, but in 2974 B.C. the coven was found out and they were exiled. The Pharaoh of the time respected the Valkyrie too much to sentence them to death, but they couldn’t stay in Egypt.

The Coven fled to what is now known as the the northern mountains of Italy. At the time, these mountains were inhabited by tiny villages, but most lived in the big cities in the south. They stayed here for a short amount of time and watched the world, still learning about the world as it evolved around them. They stayed it for a long time, they didn’t keep themselves isolated. They ventured out to the major cities and traded, building up alliances within both the upper and lower classes. They wanted to make sure to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, but also make sure power wasn’t being abused.

They lived like this up until 336 B.C. They moved to where is now known as Rome. Nïx saw it as a optimal location because of its trade. She predicted that this might be a prime place for a capital at some point. The Coven stayed here throughout the remains of the Grecian empire. They fought in many wars and in the end, watched it burn to the ground.

The Roman empire rose to power and the Valkyrie thrived yet again, always keeping the Emperor close. The Valkyrie had always had a hate for Lucifer’s prized creations, the Vampires, but they truly began their hunt for them around this time. In small groups they went out to disassemble and defeat Vampire Covens that terrorized the human population. Nïx led this groups more often than not, wanting to assure these issues were dealt with properly. They started to call these missions. The Coven was thriving and Nïx led them to many victories, but these victories didn’t come without their losses.

The Valkyrie thrived for years after this, Nïx was always kept the people in power under her thumb while protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. They were always in the shadows, but their presence was known. It was hard to miss the lightning strikes across the sky wherever they went, but they did their best to keep themselves in the background.

The Coven stayed in Rome up until 1801. Nïx made the executive decision to move the Coven to America. She knew a growing country was full of opportunity. So they moved on, but that didn’t stop Nïx from frequenting Europe and helping establish new Covens with newly minted Queens. She bestowed her knowledge upon her sisters to allow them to grow and thrive. She still ran missions all over the world, keeping tabs on the Vampire population and ridding the world of those of the species who abused their power.

The Coven rooted itself in New Orleans for some time. Nïx found that the swamps and such were perfect training grounds for her warriors. They were also a perfect cover for the loud and obnoxious coven. They found that there was a large population of supernaturals in this area as well. It seemed they weren’t the only ones who thought New Orleans was a safe place. It took roughly fifty years for Nïx to realize that a place just teeming with supernaturals wasn’t the optimal place for the Coven to permanently root themselves. So in 1852, Nïx uprooted her sisters and moved to New York City. It was another place teeming with supernaturals, but she found that the fast pace life of the city would hide the Coven will.

In 1901, Nïx established Valkyria Electric. With the amount of lightning given off by her Coven, she decided that she could fuel a whole city. With the wealth she had accumulated over the years, she invested into the creation of steel rods to attract the lightning strikes and distribute the energy at a normal level amount around the city. Today, Valkyria Electric powers most of the state of New York and is beginning to branch out into states surrounding while getting Covens in close states involved.

New York City is the permanent home of this Coven. Until recently, they’ve stayed in the background, watching as chaos began to unravel. With the uprising of this mysterious radical pro-human group called The Order and the extermination of the Angels, they’ve been forced into the spotlight. With their ancient Queen at their helm, they emerge from the shadows to keep the supernatural community balanced.

  • 3100 B.C. - Nïx leaves Valhalla for Earth and ends up in Lower Egypt, forming her Coven.
  • 2974 B.C. - The Coven was found helping free the Egyptian slaves and were exiled from Egypt and fled to the mountains of Italy.
  • 336 B.C. - The Coven integrates back into society again, this time moving to what is now known as Rome.
  • 27 B.C. - The Grecian Empire ended and the Roman Empire rose, the Valkyrie maintaining their status.
  • 1801 A.D. - The Coven made the big move from Rome to what is now New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • 1852 A.D. - Nïx uproots the Coven one last time and moves to Manhattan, New York City, New York.
  • 1901 A.D. - Nïx starts Valkyria Electric, an energy company that supplies most of New York with power.
  • 2018 A.D. - The Valkyrie help free a handful of supernaturals from a group called The Order.

The Rules

  • No men allowed within the house. Any further than the foyer and you can get into some trouble.
  • Married Valkyrie must move out of the home. They are still apart of the Coven though and will be welcomed back with open arms, but they may not live in the home with their husband.
  • Male babies born must either be given up to their father as an infant or can stay within the home until they are eighteen then will be rehomed. They won't be kicked out of the home and force onto the street. The Queen will provide the boy an apartment, money for a few months rent and the necessities, and a car. Once the money runs out then they are to fend for themselves.

The Coven

Queen: Nïx Daalen
Unofficial Members: Roxanne Blake (Nïx’s wife), Sabine Woede

Off Limit Vampires: Rurik Ivashkov, Vivienne Ivashkov

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