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Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Dragons: In a Nutshell, A Quick Reference Guide
 Posted: Jan 29 2018, 03:20 PM

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Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble. -Yehuda Berg

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General Information
  • Dragons do not die of old age.
  • Dragons are a war-based society.
  • Dragons can only breathe fire in their natural form. This ability comes from their Spark, which also makes their base temperature run a little hotter than a normal human.
  • Dragons reach maturity (adulthood) around 200 years of age.
  • Their human form is finally sustainable once they reach 200 years of age.
  • After reaching maturity, they are trained to fight and conscripted into the army.
  • Dragons MUST give birth in their natural state in Valyrian.
  • Dragons lay their eggs in the caves surrounding the Eastern Plains.
  • Female dragons, from snout to tail, are generally 150-160 feet long.
  • Male dragons, from snout to tail, are generally 175-200 feet long.
  • Dragons can only fight the golems from the air via bombardment.
  • A dragon that cannot fly cannot fight. When this happens, they either help the elves in the fields or "retire" to the Elsewhere.
  • The sins of the parent/child are not the sins of the family.
  • All dragons care for each other as well as the elves.
  • Dragons believe in many gods, but do not look down on others for their religious beliefs.
  • However, they are not overly religious as they are more focused on the war.
  • The elven high council presides over dragon disputes while the dragon high council presides over elven disputes.
  • Dragons are primarily carnivores, though they do need some fruits, vegetables, and grains to sustain them.
  • Dragons can sniff out every supernatural but Reapers, as they smell like humans until they reveal themselves. This makes dragons cautious around those they perceive as human.
  • Dragons may freely access and use the portals once they reach maturity.
  • Dragons welcome all species in Valyrian, so long as they come in peace.
  • Dragons seek knowledge. This is why some dragons are allowed special permissions to live in the human realm so long as they continue to support the war effort via money or information.
  • Dragons are immune to normal and magical fire, though dragon fire will burn them.
  • Dragons have soft underbellies, making it much easier to penetrate their tungsten-hard scales with a well-crafted blade. Dragons are fiercely protective of this vulnerable area.
  • Dragons are susceptible to magically generated electricity. Regular electricity has no effect on them, for it holds no magic. Only witches can harm them this way.
  • As with all creatures, a reaper’s weapon will kill a dragon. There is no way to avoid the death.
  • Though powerhouses, dragons are wary of werewolves. An individual werewolf poses no threat, but they are rarely alone. This is why dragons tend to form uneasy alliances or peace treaties with werewolves.
  • Angels and demons can physically subdue dragons in long, drawn-out fights when a dragon is in its human form.
  • Until a dragon reaches maturity (roughly 200+ years of age), they are physically weak, as their scales have not fully hardened. They are much easier to kill, especially if you can catch them alone.
  • A pair of werewolves could subdue and kill a dragonling when it’s on its own. However, young dragons are rarely far from an adult, even in the human realm.
  • Dragons lack the physical stamina for drawn out fights. They can glide on air currents for hours, but when it comes to physically fighting, they tire easily.
  • A dragon's fire breath drains their stamina fairly quickly.
  • Dragons can only use their fire breath while in their natural form.
  • Dragons must return to Vaylrian to lay their eggs.
  • Dragons have a low fertility rate due to their incredibly long lifespans.
  • Though dragons are fast and agile in the air as well as on land, a well-aimed hit to the head with enough force can render an individual unconscious.
  • Dragons are immeasurably strong physically. They can carry things 1,000 times their own body weight. This means a 200-pound man can lift 200,000 pounds over his head without much strain.
  • Dragons breathe fire hot enough to turn stone and most metals to molten puddles.
  • They can control the temperature of their fire to an extent. They cannot cook with it, but they can forge metals with it. Mother dragons use their breath to heat rocks around their nests to keep their eggs warm if they must leave for a short time.
  • Dragons are immune to magical as well as regular fire, though dragon fire burns them as regular fire burns humans.
  • Dragons can partially transform when in their human shape.
  • They can reveal their vertically slitted pupils; sprout massive, leathery wings from their backs; or extend razor-sharp claws if they need to.
  • With a partial transformation, dragons can fly and defend themselves. This partial transformation is also why humans have legends of gargoyles.
  • The change from dragon to human, or vice-versa, is fairly quick. Though a dragon does need the space to go from human to dragon.
  • Dragons have incredible eyesight; much sharper than that of even an eagle or buzzard and their low-light/night vision is better than that of an owl. Water dragons see better than that of a shark.
  • All dragons have thermal vision. Although, it’s on par with that of a snake.
  • Dragons have incredible aerial agility while in their natural form. Their agility in human form, whether walking or flying, is vastly superior to that of a witch or human, though only slightly better than that of an angel or demon.
Physical Appearance
  • A female dragon is no more than 160 feet long with her neck and tail stretched out. A male dragon is no more than 200 feet long with his neck and tail stretched out.
  • Dragons come in an array of colors and patterns.
  • Their horns come in many styles, shapes, and colors.
  • Dragons have varying lengths, sizes, and colors of spines running from their head all the way down their tail. Some dragons don’t even have these spines.
  • The tip of their tail is always some form of weapon they can use in battle.
  • Dragons have nimble forehands with six-inch long, razor-sharp claws.
  • Their mouths are full of forearm-length, serrated teeth.
  • The membranes on their wings can also be any color or have rips/tears from battle.
  • Most mature dragons have some form of visible injury from battling the rock golems.
Other Important Information
  • Dragons have their own language, Draconic, which means they have their Draconic name, which is usually unpronounceable by human-based species. (The translator for their language is here. Draconic Translator.
  • Dragon names should be either very difficult to absolutely impossible to pronounce in the human tongue. A good source I have found is this name generator.
  • When registering a dragon character, please use their 'Earth' name. Their dragon name is generally for Valyrian. Also, humans can't pronounce dragon names anyway.
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