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Welcome to New York, home of the city that never sleeps. That couldn’t be more true. Recently, the Angels were shot down from Heaven and their wings were revoked by the Reapers. The race was disbanded and now the balance of power is off in the worst way possible. The Demon’s aren’t hesitant in the least bit to take advantage of this time before balance is somehow restored. Humans fight to be heard while Witches fear to be seen. Shape shifters are the outcasts of this world, but refuse to be put down. Werewolves claw to be at the top of the food chain, but Vampires are always plotting and scheming to be superior. Valyrian is a bustling realm of Elves and Dragons that fight their own war.

Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Alexei Fedorov, 96, White tiger shifter, Sara
Alexei Fedorov
 Posted: Jun 24 2018, 07:04 PM

New Account

Age // 96

Posts // 6

Rank // N/A

Nicknames // Alexei

Species // White Bengal tiger shifter

Status // Single + Heteroflexible


"In the midnight hour, she cried more more more."

Sara + Eastern + She/ her

alexei fedorov

alexei. 96. shifter. andrew biersack.


> February 14th 1992


> Alternative model


> Moscow, Russia

Current Residence

> Manhattan. New York City, NY


> White Bengal tiger shifter > N/A


> Heteroflexible > Single

Born on February fourteenth back in 1922 in the cold city of Moscow, Nikolai Petrov (later he would change his name to protect his identity to leave his home country) was born into the world. His mother was already a Bengal tiger shifter, his father just a human. A man with bad standards and wound up dead in the cold streets before his son turned five. Natasha had to support her son on her own. Nikolai’s father was into gambling deep with the sharks. He owed a lot of money and they had hunted him down like a dog and slaughtered him like one too.

Natasha did lots of odd jobs, cleaning houses mostly. Sometimes she got lucky and worked in a store but it never lasted long. Eventually she moved on to factory work, it was dangerous and Nikolai didn’t like his mother working her hands to the bone just to feed them stale bread and thin, cold borscht. When he got to the age of ten, he picked up doing street magic so he could earn some extra cash to feed them both. It wasn’t much but it was something. Simple things like card tricks.

Within the next year though, Nikolai learned he was also a shifter. A Bengal tiger, like his mother, but white. A rare sight even at that time (though sadly not as rare as it is today.) This helped with his street magic tricks and certainly scared some people out of their money, much to Nikolai’s advantage. Though this wouldn’t last long as he’d caught the attention of someone. A someone from the KGB and who thought Nikolai would have much better potential working for them than earning pennies on the street.

Nik was fifteen when the scouts finally knocked on the Petrov’s humble apartment door. It seemed so civilized and like they wanted to offer Natasha a job instead… Until they let their true motives come to light. Nik was still a boy but they wanted him to be trained to gather intelligence and serve his country in an honorable way, unlike what his father had been doing. They would pay off all the debts Natasha was burdened with. At first, she downright refused them and screeched for them to get out of her house. She would not put her only son in harm's way like that but it wouldn’t be the last time the Petrov’s would be getting a visit from them. Not by a long shot.

If they weren’t going to be willingly given they boy, they were going to take him. They waited until Nikolai was alone, which wasn’t much of a wait considering his mother was the only breadwinner, and broke into the apartment (also a very easy feat considering the lock wasn’t very good.) They took him by force, tying his hands and gagging him so he couldn’t scream, and he didn’t even get to say goodbye to his mother before undergoing the worst kind of ‘recruitment.’ Nik was conditioned in the ways of fighting, it was kill or be killed. Being a tiger made it easy but it wasn’t easy on his conscience. By eighteen he was ready for the field and by twenty-five the Cold War was beginning.

Nikolai’s job was easily spelled out for him, he was to infiltrate enemy lines and learn their every move, their secrets, anything to gain an upper hand. It was good that they had taught him English already and it had become second nature for him to hide his accent. Nik blended in beautifully. By that time, Nikolai had made quite the name for himself in his field. So much so that there was a name whispered around where he’d been: Pale Tiger (белый тигр.) There had been enough insulting nicknames as well (he’d rather forget about those.) One of Nikolai’s most notable features was obviously his eyes. Stories warned not to stare too long or you’d be under his spell. Obviously these rumors were just plain silly.

All the while he worked, Nik was making sure the KGB was holding up their end of the bargain and paying off his late father’s debts. He never actually did see a lot of the battlefront,he was fighting his own battles behind the scenes. In fact for most of the Cold War, Nikolai wasn’t even in Russia. He was gathering intelligence around France. It was when he moved on to the United Kingdom that he’d made a mistake that nearly cost him his life.

He was taken hostage by the military, tortured into revealing who he was and what he knew. In all honesty, they hadn’t broken the tiger. He’d just gotten very good at deceit. His comrades would never believe that he’d actually told the enemy nothing and it was all a rouse; he’d actually directed them to fall into a trap. They wouldn’t find this out until later but Nikolai knew he had to act quickly and get out of the country, as well as get his mother out of Moscow. They would slaughter her without a second thought to get to him.

Nik had made good friends of strange people while serving and it took him no time to get fake I.D’s for his mother and himself. At his desperate contact with her to get out of the city and go underground reached her, she soon had an escort to a hideout in France. Nikolai was already on his way out of the country and hopefully off to a new start. He wouldn’t be reunited with his mother until months later.

Now a new immigrant that was documented from Croatia, Alexei Fedorov was now a citizen of the United States of America. At the advice of the friend that had created him a new identity, Alexei’s first stop was a tattoo parlor. He had to change his appearance as much as he could. Months later, his mother soon came to follow. Alexei had already established himself in New York City. Well somewhat. He held odd jobs, lots of advertising and some small television parts but it was enough for an apartment. Alexei was fifty at the time. It was nearly 20 years later when the Cold War ended but he had washed his hands of his old country and integrated well into the new.

She had been with her well before then but on August 22nd, 2011 Natasha married her soulmate Jean. It had been three years prior that Alexei had landed a modeling job. He did alternative modeling because his collection of tattoos had grown over the years (like potato chips right?) So with his first big paycheck he bought his mother and Jean a home in Syracuse while he rented a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan. He’s considered putting an ad out for a roommate.

So Alexei washed his hands of the gathering intelligence business and moved on with his life… or at least so it seemed.


26. Eastern. Discord. character #5.

application by nicole (i, ii, iii, iv).
 Posted: Jun 24 2018, 07:13 PM

Elite Member

Age // 22

Posts // 104

Rank // Admin

Nicknames // Nix

Species // Unicorn

Status // Single + :p


Phoenix + EST + She/Her


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