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Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Creating a Character
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 02:21 PM


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Are you stuck trying to figure out what to do for your first character? Maybe this is your seventh character and you’re finding yourself drawing a blank. This guide is a quick and dirty look meant to push you in the right direction to create an appealing character that also has longevity and playability.


There are a couple things you need to think about while that character you want to write is but a twinkle in your eye. Here at Faces in the Night, we have several species to choose from, each with their own background and lore. One species interacts with others in different ways, but characters are individuals. You’ll just have to look at the species you want to make and see if the history will shape the kind of character you want to make. Don’t be afraid to get with an admin to see what kind of deviances the species can have! The admins will be able to help you craft a compelling character within the species and might even be able to point out threads you couldn’t see yourself.

The biggest thing you have to think about when making a character, though, is what you want for that character. How do you want them to grow? What do you want them to accomplish? Maybe you want to write a shy character that comes into their own and finds the confidence they’ve always had in them. Perhaps you’ve created a haughty character that needs to be taken down a few pegs and learn humility; become a better person. The reason why this is such an important thing to think about is that if you create a character that has no room for growth, your interest in them might quickly drain and they have no longevity on the site. No reason for being. They are already the best version of themselves.

Think about it like you’re writing a story and your character is the protagonist. Decide what the “plot” of their story would be and how you want that story to end. Just remember, you are also going to playing with other characters who are the protagonist to their own stories. They may not act or drive your plot the way you want them to, or vice versa. There needs to be some flexibility in there so there’s room for other people. You want to make sure you’re not forcing the player of another character to do something that their character wouldn’t. Just like in real life, things might not go the way they’re supposed to. So, have a goal, but be ready to be flexible and keep your eyes open to other paths that could lead your character there. Have more than one “side goal” ready (maybe they need a boyfriend/girlfriend, maybe they need a job, etc).


Our site uses a freestyle app, which means that you can write your bio however you want to. You’re not stuck trying to fill out a category and make it interesting. That being said, a good character sheet reveals your character’s personality and history. Since we use played-by claims (pick a celebrity to “play” your character as if it was a role in a movie), you don’t need to necessarily worry about appearance, but it could also be an important part of your character. How a person dresses and keeps themselves up is also telling of their personality.

One thing to remember: your character’s history shapes their personality. Things that have happened to them, past relationships, all molded your character into what they are and how they act. Your history should always reflect their personality and vice versa. You have to think of the character as a whole and not just parts. They are a sum of their parts. When you create a character, it’s a good idea to make sure you take a long look at them and ask yourself; “Could my character really exist in this world? Are they realistic and likely to be someone I could meet on the street?” We are a fantasy site, so there’s quite a bit more wiggle room!

Remember, you also have to take into consideration what species your character is. As I mentioned before, if you’re unsure about how their race or species would affect the history or personality that you want for your character, ask a member of staff! They’re intimately aware of how the species work and can be a great asset. Asking them ahead of time could also save you the headache of dealing with a bunch of pends in the future.


There are three main facets of personality that you should take into consideration when thinking about how your character acts: self-perception, presentation, and interaction. Self-perception is how they think about and see themselves. It’s usually the driving factor behind everything they do from presenting themselves to groups and how they interact. Someone who is depressed might often act happier and more friendly to hide this fact, someone who’s snarky could be making up for any shortcomings they perceive themselves as having, etc. When you can figure out how your character sees themselves, how they act around others falls into place. Inversely, you could start with how they try to act around others and begin forming their personality that way. Why do they like acting like a jerk? Why is your character so nice to everyone?


While it’s not important to detail every waking minute of your character’s life from birth to present, it is important to know the major events that made your character who they are today. Everyone has friends or family or other influential people in their lives, so start there. What was their family life like? If they didn’t have a family, who else did they interact with? Mentors, close friends, enemies - the list goes on. Were they in any accidents? Did they have maybe a pretty easy life and your goal for them in the roleplay is to suddenly make their life miserable? Always keep in mind the “plot” for your character when making history (and personality, for that matter). Again, make sure your history and personality match. If your character has a violent streak detailed in their personality, then the history should make sense of that (the character’s species could also explain this).


It goes without saying that this is literally just how your character looks. Since we use celebrities to “play” our characters, this isn’t a necessary thing to worry about, but it is something to at least consider while you’re creating the character. The big ones you want to think about isn’t necessarily the color of their hair or eyes, but, rather, their vocal mannerisms and body language. How they speak and act have a pretty strong bearing on how others are going to perceive them. From accents to slang to verbal tics, from using their hands to speak to how much they avoid eye-contact. The possibilities are endless. A shy character probably avoids eye contact, while a confident character isn’t likely to cringe in the face of a conflict.


Now that you’ve thought all this through and have the skeleton of your character, now the fun part can begin! Or, maybe not. You have to write the bio. Our app is freestyle, so you can write it in any number of ways (just remember the word count minimum of 800 words). Maybe you’d like to stick to the traditional category style - Personality, History, Appearance. There’s nothing wrong with that! It’s classic and simple. Maybe you just want to write their entire history out like a story, weaving in the rest of the things mentioned in this guide. You can find interview-style questions to make your character answer as themselves . . . really the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. The only thing you have to remember is that a good app detailS at least the history and personality of your character.

  • Make sure you read the plot and lore to make sure you’re aware of our site’s realism. Yes, it’s a fantasy site, but there is still a level of realism to keep in line with our world’s rules.
  • Don’t focus too much on one aspect over another. Personality, for instance, is what makes your character stand out from other characters, not necessarily their history. Everything works together to bring your character to life.
  • Don’t fret over tiny, tiny details.
  • Some aspects of your character will evolve or reveal themselves through roleplay.
  • Try to avoid making a character too one-dimensional. Even a mean villain has some sort of redeeming quality. If neither you nor those you thread with can empathize with your character, they become almost impossible to play with.
  • Always have an idea of how your character has room to evolve.
  • If you’re at a loss, read the other bios on the site. Think back to your favorite character from a TV show, book, or anything else. How much had they changed by the end of their arc?
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