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Welcome to New York, home of the city that never sleeps. That couldn’t be more true. Angels and Demons play tug-o-war with souls while Reapers look to claim them and take them to their rightful destination. Humans fight to be heard while Witches fear to be seen. Shape shifters are the outcasts of this world, but refuse to be put down. Werewolves claw to be at the top of the food chain, but Vampires are always plotting and scheming to be superior. Just like the land, the waters are also teeming with life as the Merpeople have their own network of life and enemies to defend against. Valyrian is a bustling realm of Elves and Dragons that fight their own war.

Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Eli Bastia Talon, 302 | vampire | calix
Eli Talon
 Posted: Aug 25 2017, 02:50 PM

New Account

Age // 302

Posts // 9

Rank // N/A

Nicknames // Hawk

Species // Vampire

Status // Single + greysexual


Calix + CMT -6 + She/Her

Eli Bastia Talon

hawk. 302. vampire. robert downey Jr.


> January 11th 1715


> Radio Personality > 102.7 The Herc


> Flamenco > Spain


> Vampire > Rochester Clan > Follower


> greysexual > single

“Luck isn’t always gained at birth. Though once you have it, treasure it.”

My parents were gypsies. From that alone, I figured wasn’t meant to be anyone special and I wasn’t going to be either. I was a tramp on the street like all the other boys my age and I didn’t look to the future for that to change. I was cocky and incorrigible, but my silver tongue could fool the best of them (and little if any of that has changed). I lived in the present and that was it. I was a trickster with a love for sleight of hand, did what was fun, chased girls, pickpocketed rich good-for-nothings, and that was all that mattered. You got cool stuff from the right people--don’t judge me.

But things got old easily for me. I deeply longed for something more...something new.

I was expected to learn the family trades and eventually I did. Our gypsy troupe traveled over many places of Europe and met many people, curious about the gypsy ways. The mundane wanted us to read their futures and mold their lives into perfection through powers they didn’t truly understand. It was our “witchcraft” and voodoo they really sought after. Men wanted their enemies to die in their sleep and women wanted to be irresistible to all that laid gaze on them. You could say that we made our living off their desire and their weakness.

They were all greedy. Especially her…

That morning my mother had stopped me and warned me of the company I would keep that night. I was hard headed and young and believed that our ancestors would keep me safe, as they always did. I should have listened. I had been roaming the city we had camped near, Paris, when I met her late in the evening. At first, she’d simply asked if I knew the time, but it turned into a longer conversation and then drinks at a nearby pub. When I told her where I hailed from and that I wasn’t like these other stiff men, her interest was piqued (in hindsight, maybe she had a plan for me long before that?). She said she wanted her future read and I couldn’t say no... Long beautiful golden locks, stark blue eyes, and fair skin that she flaunted a lot more than most. She had me under her spell when she brought me back to the hostel. Before I knew it, I was tied to a bed and having unimaginable things done to me. Alexandria...was her name...it was a pleasure and a horror. God that woman was scary and sexy. Chills…

She also bit me.

Though somehow I didn’t fear her. I’d bedded a vampire and was somehow still very alive...if the stick in my pants was any consolation. Apparently, she took a shine to me and my charm. She proposed I travel with her. In the back of my thoughts, I could hear my mother’s voice...but it wasn’t as loud as the sound of something new. Run around the continent with a sexy lady or...whatever my life was before that night. The answer was obvious. And so at 25 I was following a vampire. Walking into dangers unknown. We became something of a daring duo--she melted the hearts of men and I tricked them.

I became a magician.

It wasn’t actually magic. Not the same magic that my people were known for, it was a slight of hand that I had perfected over the years. She became my beautiful assistant and we did a grand show across Europe. Though that didn’t please her and suddenly it became about that. She began to look at other men differently...claiming that I had started to look old, even though I wasn’t much older than when I first met her by then, at 30. She sought out young blood and I was no longer quite as young as I used to be. That’s how she was. So quick to change her desires and as flippant as ever. Though it became clear early on that we were nothing. I had been the right flavor for a time and that was all.

She’d bed other men and soon our show had fallen apart. So I did what anyone else would do...I went where my affections were enthused and requested. Alex didn’t like that. Sharing my body with other women, it infuriated her. In a way I’d never seen before. I came home one night to find her waiting for me. It led to a fight that nearly ended my life. She had every intent to kill me, of that I was sure.

Completely drained of blood I was delirious and all I could do was call out to her. To beg for forgiveness that I never truly wanted from a woman I no longer desired. It must have been my cries that kept her from leaving me there. A bloody mess on the floor. Remembering the little strip of what we had….she took mercy on me...saving my life and cursing me all the same...I was turned…She left me there, as I lost consciousness.

When I woke I was alone, turned, and thirsty. So terribly hungry. The unfortunate soul to find me was the last girl I had laid with. I felt no guilt till she lay, sheet white amongst her black curl, ripped open like a sack of rice on floor. And this wouldn’t be the last woman to meet an end like this. It took a long time for me to stop feeling guilty, but until I learned to control it, a guy had to drink.

In that time, I tried to go back to what I knew, but the magic of the gypsies was no longer with me. I was truly on my own, as this newly made beast. Though I felt, even then, fleeing the messes I left, that my luck was going to change in favorable ways. The stars told me that...and that was all I had left.

I was crafty and they all knew it.

The coming years would be the toughest ones for me. Sure I was a newly minted vampire, but that made dealing the day a no go. The first few years I longed for the sun. I remembered the warmth of it on my skin and the energy it gave. As a bloodsucker, I didn't dare gamble with that. The sun I now missed was the enemy. And so I became even more nocturnal. That wasn't the only thing that weighed on me, however, as after I changed, I felt the shame of my people on me. With the magic of my people gone, I felt lost. I could still read the skies as before, but I sought to belong. As a vampire, I simply didn't fit anywhere. Later on, I'd learn the usefulness of being a fly on a wall, but till then I was just a boy, wishing he'd listened to his mother.

With my whimsy and wonder gone, I still managed to use what trickery I could to get by, but as my mother had always said: "necessity finds a way." And soon I found myself playing a long game of pretending. When you played the role well enough, anyone would believe you. I pretended to be who I needed to and made my gold that way. For a while, I played the role of a salesman, after letting one bleed out, and robbed people blind. You'd be amazed at how many rich people wanted shoes and how easily they'd trust a red-eyed bandit in their own homes. It was comfortable...for a time.

Before I knew it, 50 years had passed and I was back in Spain. My old gypsie troop was there. For so long I'd avoided them, too ashamed to show my face. My mother had been right all along about my future and I'd simply ignored her. Now I stood in a world that stood still...till I saw my family had moved on without me.

My siblings had children who now also had children. Most of the older family members had passed, from what I gathered, loitering near the caravan. They all still looked as lively as ever. I wasn't sure if I had a heart that actually did anything at that time, but it definitely hurt to see them. Yet from the shadows, it also brought me comfort. I had no place among them, but that didn't stop the attachment.

I needed closure.

So...that night, later after everyone had called it a night--and boy does the fan know how to celebrate--I crept into my mother's trailer. I didn't want to give her a heart attack, but I also didn't need her screaming and waking everyone. I crept up to her bed, covering her mouth and she stared at me in the darkness. I immediately said it was me, but how does one believe the red eyes of a face you haven't seen in decades. Though somehow she knew, in the dim candlelight that it was me. She'd been sick, dying to see her mijo. I thought she'd be mad, that she'd send me away...but she didn't. Mother held me with tears in her eyes, forsaking the "demon" that cursed me.

I was the last person she'd live to see. She died in her sleep, joining our family in the stars. Yellow fever, I'd later find out.

It surprises me now that I hadn't decided to travel to America just yet. There had been a war, but now they were calling themselves a new land and still getting mad about tea. I'd seen all of Europe by then, but I had such a cush position playing pet to some Arch Duke's Misses. I didn't have time for the new land of milk and honey--or milk and savages, depending on whom you asked. Colonizers are kind of assholes, even for me. Though I also spent a lot of time trying to avoid getting caught up in Frances war situation. France had a little man with big ideas about how little he was. It was difficult, but a guy owed me a favor for some dealings I did for him and I ended up in Russia.

That place was fucking cold, but it didn't bother me much as it should as a vamp.

When I got there, I didn't exactly have a bunch of people teaming to get to know me or giving a shit who I was, but I pulled some old strings to help myself out. I got a translator and went about my way, getting caught in weapon sale as it was a surprisingly hot dealing. You know...with all the wars rolling around. Even with that, it took me a while to get in good with the rich folk I'd been used to. I spent a lot of time traveling between Austria and Russia dealing, but never really gave myself a chance to really enjoy all the blonds (as if I hadn't learned my lesson yet).

It was in 1840 that I decided to step away from meddling in that kind of bloodshed and I went back to my love of entertainment. The Ballet. I was a gypsie at heart and any kind of showmanship is what made my dead heart beat. I'd seen a few lower quality shows, here and there, since it was so popular, but it wasn't until years later that I was invited to a premiere and a sold out show. It amazed me. There was no wool to be pulled over my eyes like I once did, but it was fascinating to see the dancers move. Like wisps of paper dancing in the wind. And that...was my break into the entertainment industry.

I started to attend the after party, getting chummy with the investors and the venues and landed myself a job in promoting. It was probably the most enjoyable job I ever made for myself. It almost felt like the old days, though I knew I'd never set foot on a stage. However, that didn't mean I couldn't be behind the scenes and see it come to life. And in the matter of a few days I was less lost than I had been becoming a vampire. It also allowed me to keep an eye on aristocrats. Their purses were almost always waiting to be filched.

Didn't last forever, but that is what reinventing oneself was for.

Spending years tricking people hadn’t changed at all. A quick wit like myself had also gained a few useful acquaintances over the years. I could spin a web of lies better than most black widows, but it was the truth that the people I worked with found most useful. I was but a workhorse to the aristocrats and turned into a spy amongst the stars. I normally didn't stay places too long as my face stayed too pristine for people. I mean, I outlive a lot of my lies. Though I’m beginning to think I can’t outlive the current Queen of England, too, even though I am more than sure she isn’t a vampire--she’s just hilarious. (Met the most recent one a few times).

I think it was my mouth that got me in trouble sometimes, however. And no, I don't mean flirting up a storm or sleeping with people's wive--I gave that up after I realized both my heart and my dick weren't much in it. No one really amounted to Alex. But what I mean is a lie gone wrong. I had plenty of those happening day in and out, but what I didn't expect was to be caught up in some bloodsucking gang empire. I hadn't really brushed shoulders with any clans, even when Alex was still in my life. She ran solo. But these guys? They ran one of the biggest casinos in Russia.

I'd set up a performance at one of the Casinos and caught the eye of the clan with a plan. They knew about my work over the years. Apparently had been watching me since I stepped foot in Moscow all those years ago. They simply watched, to see if I'd end up another body and I didn't. I knew little about the casino industry, but I knew all about laundering. They wanted a guy like me to join their side. Leave the tutus alone and help them square off a dime or too.

I don't regret taking the offer, but it was a new opportunity and if there was anything I loved, it was seeing something new.

I worked with them for decades. I was even one of the people involved with their expansions in America I'd never been, but being as dusty as I was, I knew a few languages and could get by in a new place. I was still far from the spotlight and could operate as I saw fit. It was a different game there though. More territory to cover, more drugs, more women. Although I worked hard, I can't say I didn't get lost in all of that for a minute. New science around blood for cocktails. Women throwing themselves at me. It wore off after a while, but I decided to stay in America. It was flashier than ole Russia. It was going places. Also less cold.

I was the middleman. I made things happen. I helped spread out a few new enterprises for the Rochester Clan and it solidified a place for me there. They even tried to give me some crazy position of a Noble or some shit, but I wasn't into it. I liked to keep busy. I liked to start fires under peoples asses. As much as I liked seeing the results of my labor, I liked to see things through. Being some Noble made it more political than it was worth.

So instead, I traveled often and made acquaintances. In recent years I decided I wanted to be a bit more in the spotlight again. Perhaps it was boredom. Perhaps its cause I loved the sound of my own voice. Either way, getting a slot in a radio station gave me something else to do when I wasn't pushing papers and making someone's dreams come true. I didn't trust many people enough to call them friends, but it was a new start for me. Though who needs friends when you have a resume like mine? How else would someone like me survive this long?



28. CMT -6. discord. character 2.

application by nicole (i, ii, iii, iv).
 Posted: Mar 1 2018, 12:41 AM

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