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 Reapers, Info on Reapers
 Posted: Jul 31 2017, 10:16 AM


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Reapers are a true neutral race, they only take orders from Death. Their home is Purgatory and they serve as guides to lost souls trying to find their rightful place in the afterlife. They do not care for deals, fate or someone trying to change their mind. Just like Death, no one can escape the natural order. Some Reapers even resent being around their own kind, although they get along better amongst each other than with most supernatural beings. Some are still very in tune with their humanity and follow their own will rather than Death’s orders. These Reapers are widely known as “rogue” and are usually newest of the Reapers.

Their one mission is to maintain the “Natural Order” of life and death. Once their collected soul has been taken back to Purgatory, they review the soul and make suggestions of where the soul could go but ultimately it's Death's ruling of where they go. Reapers have to sort though an entire life of decisions, sins and good deeds unless the particular soul has been marked already. If the soul has been marked, they will still go through review but they will be sent straight to Heaven or Hell.

Although they have the power to, Reapers will not kill people before their time. There are some occasional exceptions to these rules, such as a rogue Reaper. Unlike loyal Reapers would, these will transport souls from one afterlife to another, often for profit or for a Higher Being. They aren’t above doing this to mortal people before their time, either. Just for fun or because the mortal asked them to.

Despite seeming indifferent to everything, Reapers are capable of feeling human emotions. Reapers have free will, but rarely act upon it. They are loyal to Death and keeping the Natural Order. This does not mean Reapers cannot think on their own or cannot make their own decisions of right and wrong. Every Reaper is different when it comes to their own moral code. Upon becoming a Reaper, they are given a Reaper Scythe. It depends on the Reaper’s rank what they receive, but they can range from garden shears to chainsaws to a machete. They cannot lose these weapons as they can summon them to their person. Reaper Scythes are fully customisable to the Reaper’s liking once receiving the weapon. Only the assigned Reaper can use the weapon to reap souls so another Reaper cannot use another Reaper's Scythe. It's still a weapon, so it can kill someone but not reap the soul from the physical body. On that same note, Reapers cannot hurt one another with their weapons. Only Death can end her Reaper's lives and she doesn't do so often if at all. It's not wise to try attacking a Reaper. Vice and Directors, Death will show up herself for everyone else she sends elite chosen Vice to come to the Reaper's aid.

Reapers were once humans, but Death needed help collecting souls for the afterlife so Reapers came about. Neither Heaven or Hell will take a human who has been marked by Death to become a Reaper; this is determined at birth. These humans will die eventually and their souls go to Purgatory. Reapers can manifest their own human-like appearances and bend them to their will and determine what they look like, including if their physical form has tattoos. They will only show their true form to someone who is about to get their soul reaped. These true forms are a humanoid, gray ghost-like figure. The gender of the Reaper in question and their eyes are the only notable feature when in this form. They are dull, meaning they don't glow very brightly. They do not levitate and they are still solid so they cannot walk through objects. This form brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the victim about to die.

There are no known drugs that affect a Reaper and alcohol does not have an effect either, although they can enjoy the taste. Food and water are not a requirement for this species, however all Reapers tend to have their favorites. Consuming things will not make them sick or give them any extra energy. Some supernatural species have the ability to sniff out Reapers, even though they look like normal humans. To the species that have heightened sense of smell, Reapers have a very faint smell of cold on them; the scent resembles a bitter and quiet winter night. Even if the species have excellent sniffers, the smell of a Reaper is so subtle they would have to put their noses up against them before they could recognize the scent unless they've smelled it before. It is fresh and some even enjoy the smell but encountering a Reaper still gives a sense of unease to most.

Then for the species who have special eyes, they can see the Reaper through their human-like outer shell. Beware of Reapers gathering en masse. A disaster is about to happen and they are there to collect the souls caused by said disaster. Reapers do not cause these disasters, they can sense when something bad is about to happen and some good reaping opportunities are going to unfold (i.e. When the Twin Towers fell, there were thousands of Reapers present to collect all of the souls but they did not cause this disaster.) Normal Reapers will not cause this level of chaos as it would attract Death’s attention. You do not want Death to come after you for any reason. She will find you. It won't be pretty.

Rogue Reapers are usually the newbies. Death has hand chosen them but they are still under suspension and cannot perform all the duties a Director would. They still need to prove their loyalty to Death as she does not trust them fully. If the Reaper falls into the “rogue” category, they are still adapting to being dead and understanding they have a higher purpose intended for them. They don’t often listen to Death’s orders, do things that could jeopardize all the Reapers, and are blatantly just still thinking they are humans with special abilities. More often than not, Reapers will ‘grow out’ of the rogue stage and once they prove themselves to Death, she will then promote them. However if they do not learn their lesson, their punishment could be devastating.


· Super Strength – They can easily overpower a Human or Witches. They are weak in a fight against Angels, Demons and Dragons. It would be an even match against a Werewolf.
· Heightened Perception – Reapers can identify other species just by being around them. Not much can hide from their eyes.
· Super Stamina – Reapers are hard to tire. They are the insomniacs of the supernatural race. They do not require food or drink, but sometimes they partake in it just for the pleasure.
· Immortal – They are not susceptible to disease, hunger or age.
· Chronokinesis – Reapers have the ability to stop time, but it takes a lot of energy from them and can tire them out if they use it for prolonged amounts of time. They must offer up more years of servitude as a consequence of manipulating time. Any time pieces around while using this ability will cause them to break.
· Memory manipulation – Reapers have the ability to make mortals forget things or even help them remember.
· Teleportation – With the ability to travel anywhere at their will, they have access to Earth, Purgatory, Heaven and Hell. They can bring a human along for the ride, although this goes against the Natural Order and taking a human is exclusive to rogue Reapers.
· Killing Touch – Reapers can kill with a single touch, however they rarely do this unless this person is near death anyway. The killing touch is not always active, it can be turned on and off once taught how.


· Higher tier Angels/ Demons – Angels and Demons can easily overpower Reapers in a fight.
· Magic – Reapers can be bound by witches and can be imprisoned or enslaved.
· Death – This is their boss. Reapers are under Death’s control and having basically brought them into existence, she can take them out if need be.
· Dragon fire – Dragon fire is very effective against a Reaper and could kill them if exposed long enough.
· Werewolf/ Vampire/ Merpeople bites - They won't kill the Reaper but it would certainly leave a nasty wound for awhile.
· Iron – Iron weakens a Reaper and can make them vulnerable to other attacks.


In short, Death has always been around. Since the beginning of time, Death always had Darkness by her side. Darkness and Death are lovers and with their love for each other, they created life. Death had created God and gave him the power to create things at will. God resented Death and Darkness for their love and for creating life without him being involved so God had made humankind in his own image; God wanted to be recognized as almighty, all powerful and all knowing. Humans easily believed that God had created everything they knew.

As the world got more populated, Death needed more help. She and Darkness couldn't be everywhere at once; the workload was too heavy. That's when Reapers began appearing. Death started by choosing newborn humans to become her new Reapers. This angered God as humans were his creation and he didn't appreciate that this new species was essentially Death and Darkness’ children being made out of the death of his creation.

These humans lead normal lives, up until their death. All humans who have been marked by Death are avoided entirely by angels and demons. These species can sense what they will one day become. And when these humans’ time run out, they will commit suicide. To become a Reaper serves as punishment. Heaven won't let these souls in and Hell won't touch them either. They are property of Death. They are to review and collect souls until they are forgiven, if they ever are. Once forgiven, a Reaper may choose to go to Heaven, Hell or remain in Purgatory as a Reaper. Those who enjoy their job as a Reaper will stay and serve Death for an eternity.

Humans who have died from a vampire bite or a werewolf bite will also be sent straight to Purgatory. Death has no love for these Reapers because she did not choose them herself. They are never forgiven and have to obey Death until the end of days.

Before God left humanity to fend for itself, God stole Darkness and left no way of Death ever being able to find him. Death was heartbroken; she’d created a kingdom for her and her lover to rule over and maintain balance in the ranks. Without him, Death is fragmented. She has to keep all of her Reapers in line by herself and this is why sometimes rogue Reapers happen. It is impossible for Death to maintain complete order so some things slip through the cracks. If the mistakes are large enough, it will grab Death’s attention. While her Reapers are busy at work, Death is trying to track down God to find Darkness… And kill God.
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