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Welcome to New York, home of the city that never sleeps. That couldn’t be more true. Angels and Demons play tug-o-war with souls while Reapers look to claim them and take them to their rightful destination. Humans fight to be heard while Witches fear to be seen. Shape shifters are the outcasts of this world, but refuse to be put down. Werewolves claw to be at the top of the food chain, but Vampires are always plotting and scheming to be superior. Just like the land, the waters are also teeming with life as the Merpeople have their own network of life and enemies to defend against. Valyrian is a bustling realm of Elves and Dragons that fight their own war.

Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Chersussziedhylenth Saldri, 1696 | Dragon | Josie
Cher Saldri
 Posted: Apr 30 2018, 04:56 AM

New Account

Age // 1696

Posts // 0

Rank // TBD

Nicknames // Cher, Ixenwiivai

Species // Dragon

Status // Promiscuous + Pansexual


Driven forth by the screams of my enemies, I will bathe in their blood, burn the flesh from their corpses and crunch on their bones

Josie + GMT +10 + She/Her

~ WIP ~

Chersussziedhylenth Saldri

cher/ixenwiivai(fire fury). 1696. dragon. amber heard.


> November 22, 322 A.D.


> Private Investigator/Ikn (spy) > Golet Nuek Kam'upene (Golet Nuek Company)


Eastern Plains > Valyrian.

Current Residence

> Hell's Kitchen > New York City


> Kul’gar Second(First Sergeant)


> Pansexual > Promiscuous


In her draconic form, Cher has scales that are a mix of red and gold scales & is around 160 feet long. Her draconic eyes are emerald green & white speckled with a reddish inner iris ring around an ebony black vertically-elongated pupil typical of her species. In the human form that Cher took, she is a 5'7" tall statuesque goddess weighing about 137 lbs with ample bosom of 32B, a slim & curvy hourglass figure of 34-27-34, pale Caucasian skin, long blonde hair and blue eyes. Though her face, that’s really the trigger - she’s always coming off as naughty and nice at the same time.

Cher has the ability to hide her draconic eyes with the view of a blue human-like eyes when she wants to, but should she lose control of her emotions when in human form or when she actively chooses to, that view will drop away and her eyes will shift to her natural draconic form.

Cher has been around for a fairly long time and her dragon form has its fair share of knicks, scrapes, bruises and other injuries over the nearly one and a half thousand years that she has been in the War. Despite that, she can still fight well herself and lead dragons & elves into battle. While there have been challenges over her life, Cher has put all of them down and is quite well respected enough by both higher-ups in the chain of command and those who she leads.

One of the most important things in her life is well.. more like a big WTF is going on??? For Cher has a travelling companion in the form of a small male Yorkshire terrier that goes by Spartacus - which he finds quite amusing. Cher won't take him into battle with the golems because she doesn't want him to get hurt and he accepts that he would only be a distraction, but otherwise, he can often be found with her on Earth or in Valyria. There is a traveling basket that she wears in her dragon form for when she is flying, and he loves it.


When it came around to figuring out a more human name, Chersussziedhylenth was a rather lazy dragon, and just went with a much shorter name that actually matched to a human-pronounceable one - Cher Saldri. Everything about Cher is quite over the top, because she is a very passionate, dynamic, optimistic and energetic dragon with very little inhibitions of any form. She is brutally and shockingly honest with others when it suits her, and manipulative and guarded at other times. Cher tends to be very emotional and intense, both good emotions and bad, and comes off quite turbulent. It is easy to rile up her temper and she can become jealous. Cher is very weary about trusting anyone, and puts people through trust tests. She has strong instincts and trusts her gut feelings.

One thing about Cher is that she is considered incredibly eccentric by a lot of her kind, and some rumors have been whispered that her egg probably got jostled around & scrambled too much to cause her brain damage or something. To her, she just considers herself fiercely independent and willing to live on her own with her friend, Spartacus. For it is the rather unique relationship that causes most surprise in dragon society - Spartacus is a small Yorkshire terrier that really has no place in the dragon homeland. Yet she is fiercely loyal to the dog, and he knows that she cares for him & would never hurt him.

Cher is a very loyal soldier to her species and known for being very resourceful and observant. A combination of an excellent memory and an inability to let things go means that Cher can hold a grudge against someone(s) who did harm to her or her loved ones - forever, rarely if ever forgives and forgets. Cher will even go as far as get vengeance on them, and that is what has made her a very good soldier in the wars against the golems. It was for these reasons that she rose up in the ranks to Kul’gar Second, the equivalent of First Sergeant where she is still in a direct "hands-on" leadership role unlike higher ups, and was placed by approval of the Draconic Councils into the kam'upene, Golet Nuek, that is responsible for performing interplanetary intelligence operations - thus she has carte blanche permission to travel between the worlds as her job entails. The Golet also act part of what could be considered Dragon Special Forces and are tasked with undertaking assassinations & demoralising strikes against the golems. Her unit's full name in Draconic is Golet Nuek Kam'upene, Fogahral Koa, Darastrix Reabi, which matches to Golet Nuek Company, 3rd Battalion of the Dragon Armies.

Cher is the sort of person who delights in bathing in the blood of her enemies - literally. She has been given the unoffical nickname of Ixenwiivai, or Fire-Fury, due to a battle that lead to the incineration of many young golems in an act that the golems considered particularly atrocious.

Cher's duties as Kul’gar is involving providing a liason role between command and the grunts, handling the discipline, leadership and professional development of her soldiers. Cher also includes logistics issues, which is why on the other side in New York City, Cher has setup a private detective agency as a cover, Nike Investigations, which Golet Nuek funnels members through, and uses a number of human employees for maintaining the illusion of it. Even so, the dragons do find it interesting to sometimes dabling in human and other supernatural cases. Cher's natural obessive ways very much helps out with this, because she does not like secrets or mysteries and will force her way through to rooting them out or solving them.

Cher really dreads the time when she will become injured or too old, and not able to keep up the fight. The life of tending to fields and helping injured dragons isn't the sort of thing that really she wants, but Cher does accept that it will happen eventually and she would accept stepping up to do that rather than become dishonourable.

Cher can and will accomplish anything she puts her considerable mind to and won't give up. Her motto is 'Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up'. She is so determined to reach her goal had has a lot of mental flexibility. She is able to re-survey a situation and take a different approach if necessary, making her very adaptable and versatile. These are key things as a spy, where situations can change on a dime.

It doesn't help that she can be quite unyielding - like a mountain that won't be going anywhere. Part of this comes from her being fiercely independent and not liking to have things done for her - she can be quite particular and controlling, as it is like a warm comforting blanket.

If you treat her right and don't betray her, Cher will go to the ends of Earth or Valaryian by your side and protect you. Any kind selfless gesture done to Cher will gain trust and respect which is extremely important to them in any relationship, either romantic or not.

Cher is a very sensual, seductive and flirtatious woman, who has a very pansexual, panromantic and pan-species idea of romance & love. In her life, Cher has had many relationships with dragons, humans and elves of both genders. She is full of flair and intrigue, so full of mystery, sensuality and passion. She tends to love experimenting and has a lot of stamina in bed. So far, Cher has gone back to the Eastern Plains to lay eggs four times, and has had the pleasure of producing ten hatchlings - six boys (Ruzzass, Bymrenteom, Frieneltoarei, Toronomuddrir, Ciddrierth, Frennycris) and four girls (Chindraerlinth, Rallissytlithos, Ygerrael, Lommierryrth). Her children find Spartacus to be rather amusing but cute, and know their mother is strange but respect her.


It was a dark and stormy night that a fairly large female dragon, Zisorthiphudenth, came through one of the portals from Earth and took off into the sky eastwards, heading from Dart'hul City to the Eastern Plains of Valyrian. Searching around the mountains, Zisorth finally found a suitable cave that would be perfect at the task at hand and after breaking some large trees off at the base by means of using her bulk against them, she dragged them to the entrance to provide some protection and made her way inside. Laying down and twisting around a bit to make sure there was plenty of room, Zisorth made a number of trips out and back, collecting some fairly substantial boulders that would be able to serve as radiators and some nice bedding for herself, before finally, she lay down on the bedding.

It took a bit of time after that, but when she was finished, a fairly decent clutch of thirteen large multi-colored eggs lay next to her, and Zisorth could relax a little. Curling up around them, Zisorth rested her head so that her fire-breathing mouth was towards the entrance and waited. Over the next month, Zisorth spent most of her time with them, only using the radiating rocks as last resort when she had to go hunting.

Eventually, there was a cracking sound and Zisorth's large eyes flickered & her heat began beating more. Then there was another crack and she smiled. Shifting very carefully, Zisorth twisted around and with her dragon eyesight, she was easily able to identify two eggs that were showing obvious signs of a baby dragonling trying to escape from the protective shells - with one of them being successful after a moment and the other one uselessly banging itself around as it tried to smash against the other eggs.

Shaking her head, Zisorth put a foot down in front of the egg to stop its occupant and then gently used a claw to poke the top & break it a little. From inside a moment later, there was a soft little roar from the hole and then an emerald green & white speckled eye with a reddish inner iris ring came to the edge, looking before the baby dragon proceeded to ram its head out. Spotting her mother, Cher tried to walk forward and tumbled, rolling a little until Zisorth caught her. A soft tap on the back broke the egg and Cher was able to break free a few moments later.

It was this sort of strange and eccentric behaviour would follow Cher around for the next few hundred years as she grew up in the shadow of Zisorth & her siblings. Cher proved to be quite good at fighting, and showed an eagerness to work to bring down the golems. Even though she was considered to be different, Cher really took to heart the idea of protecting her people and was very good at convincing others & leading, having shown herself adept.

Cher began rising up in ranks, starting as a Nar’ga and travelled to Earth on a mission when she was in her fourth century as a Buth’ra under the command of a respected Dar’ma, settling on the form of a blonde-haired blue-eyed woman. The humans were quite interesting to her, having only seen her own species, elves and the evil golems. Her squad had a simple task of retrieving some materials needed for the war, and they basically performed espionage to a facility owned by humans.

Afterwards, Cher and the team received a commendation for a successful mission, and a few weeks later, they were called in for another mission deep into enemy territory where they would use said materials. Taking a container with them containing some sort of black powder, the dragon strike team made their way into a golem-controlled region and set a lit fuse on it before leaving. Once they were a safe distance away and on recon, the timer went off and a massive explosion occurred. From a distance, they could see that the human-built concoction had done some damage but wasn't as effective as dragon fire en-mass could be. But it at least gave some hope and it was decided by the Draconic Council that in future, the humans could prove useful.

Time went on and Cher moved up, becoming a Master Dul’ra with a squad of her own to command. It was at this time that she began definitly showing her mettle as a warrior and leader with daring, getting attention for her higher ups for her success rate. One day, she was approached by the Dar'ma of her Kam'upene, Brevrad, with the view that he wanted to start a new Kam'upene, one that would be tasked with doing the impossible, and he wanted to promoted her to Dul’ra First Class so she could lead her own Ke'kau. It sounded interesting and she accepted the honour.

So, Cher became one of the Ke'kau commanders in Golet Nuek Kam'upene, a covert dragon strike force that would be responsible for performing daring missions and interplanetary intelligence operations. Over the next hundred years, Cher and her team worked admirally, before she had to take a period of leave. For Cher, the reason behind it was amazing and Brevrad was quite pleased to here it - they had grown close, mated a lot and she was with egg & his possible children.

Heading back to the Eastern Plains, Cher found her own cave and bore a clutch of eggs. She stayed with them and protected them, eventually finding that they produced two beautiful little dragonlings - a male that became named as Ruzzass and a female named Chindraerlinth. Returning to combat when they were old enough to go into the care of elder dragons, Cher took back her position as a Ke'kau commander and battled hard for a long time, bringing honor and success.

While as Ke'kau commander, Cher lead an operation into one of the golem's large city and detonated another human invention in the middle. The resulting destruction and loss of golem life was considered particularly atrocious due to the devastation permanently reeked on the region. Cher picked up her nickname of Ixenwiivai, or Fire Fury, in this period.

She was quite sad when Brevrad was killed in combat with the golems, and his replacement, Greghicron, was quite a leader as well. Cher got on well with the others, and about a century later, Greghicron called her aside at the headquarters after a war plan session to his Kul’gar Second, effectively the first sergeant. She was surprised, but accepted the promotion and overwatching command of the Ke'kaus.

In this role, Cher also worked to expand the oppurtunities for Golet Nuek, and it was by her intervention and planning that lead to the creation of Nike Investigations, a cover operation for the Kam'upene's Earth spying operations.

For some really strange reason one day while out chasing down a human who one of the intel generals thought be able to help with a matter with golems, Cher came across a small little bedraggled wet dog that had been bailed up by some other much larger dogs. She didn't know what caused her to do it but she partially transformed & sent the bigger ones fleeing with their tails between their legs. The little dog just looked at her and walked over before sniffing at her leg & rubbing, and then followed her home afterwards. While Cher didn't need sleep being a dragon, she maintained the illusion and just worked from her apartment base.

Initially, Cher was very hesitant about the dog, but she couldn't sense him being anything else supernatural, not a shapeshifter or a werewolf, and from what she knew of reapers, the key point which reassured her was reapers have human-like appearances, not dog-like ones. So she let him in, gave him some food and a warm pillow.

In the morning, Cher took him with her to work, and brought him home that night, repeating it until she had accepted the terrier, naming him Spartacus which he found amusing when she explained the connotations. Since then, the pair of them have been inseparable companions - a big fierce dragon and a small little dog.

tbd more

OOC Notes

  • I have used some Draconic words above, and put translations to English in italics. Used http://draconic.twilightrealm.com/.
  • So, I'm OCD. Please be gentle with me.
  • And yes, that does include multiples of three *groans*


30. gmt +10. pm. character 1.

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