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Welcome to New York, home of the city that never sleeps. That couldn’t be more true. Angels and Demons play tug-o-war with souls while Reapers look to claim them and take them to their rightful destination. Humans fight to be heard while Witches fear to be seen. Shape shifters are the outcasts of this world, but refuse to be put down. Werewolves claw to be at the top of the food chain, but Vampires are always plotting and scheming to be superior. Just like the land, the waters are also teeming with life as the Merpeople have their own network of life and enemies to defend against. Valyrian is a bustling realm of Elves and Dragons that fight their own war.

Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Awkward Love, Want for Wyatt
Wyatt Catalani
 Posted: Aug 10 2017, 05:02 PM


Age // 37

Posts // 14

Rank // NA

Nicknames // Wy

Species // Merpeople

Status // Single + Bi-curious


Styx + EST -5 + She/Her

FC: Alexander Skarsgård
Age: 35+
Race: Any

Right, so, this want ad is for Wyatt. She needs her BFF/love interest that isn't to that point yet. So, she's got feelings for her best friend, we'll just call him Alex but his name is open, and he's got feelings for her but they both have been friends so long that they hadn't really thought the other felt the same way so they haven't acted on said feelings. He's the one she SOS texts when she's out on one of the many blind dates her dad sets her up on. He works at the aquarium with her so a love of the ocean/ocean life is needed. He doesn't have to be a merperson, he can be any race you want him to be and so long as he fun/has a good sense of humor/is always there for Wyatt just like she's always there for him everything about him is open. I definitely want them to be finals but it doesn't have to happen right away, lots of nice tension and fun times to be had first, am I right? I have a good example of the kind of banter they share in her sample post to check out too if that helps any.

I am stuck on A. Skars for the face, sorry, but everything else is open and I'd love to plot their history/storyline with you!

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