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Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Roxanne Blake, 680 l Demon l Artemis
Roxanne Blake
 Posted: May 14 2018, 10:33 PM

New Account

Age // 680

Posts // 2

Rank // Lord

Nicknames // Roxy

Species // Demon

Status // Wifey + Gay


Artemis + Mountain + she/her

Roxanne Blake

Roxy. 680. Demon. Jennifer Lawrence.


> July 1338


> nuisance



Current Residence

> New York City


> Demon > Lord


> Homosexual > Wifey

The mind could be a very dark place. Sometimes, images of a life half remembered swam before her eyes, pulling her back into memories she would rather not remember. Sometimes, she would forget everything and completely succumb to impulse and heightened sense of raw emotion. She could never quite tell when these episodes would come. There were many years that she seemed to live in that space between sanity and chaos, unable to call back the pieces of her near-forgotten humanity. In a way, those times had been easier. She only had to process what she wanted to and leave the rest to fade away in the dark recesses of her mind. But she came back. She always did.

Now her episodes were farther between. She could go months or sometimes years without them. Her wife helped with that. She couldn’t ever quite kick her true nature, but that was only to be expected of a servant from hell. She couldn’t help but enjoy human suffering and causing it where she could. She wasn’t particularly subtle in her actions, but where was the fun of subtlety? Subtlety didn’t win any prizes. Subtlety did not get her where she was today. Subtlety did not bring her into the arms of her wife each and every night. Oh no, Roxanne did not function with subtlety.

Roxanne opened and closed her silver lighter that was so coveted by her hoarder wife, grinning as her eyes flashed with something that could only be described as mischievous. There were still a few hours left in the night. Perhaps before her darling found her way back to bed, she could have a little fun of her own. There was always a bar open somewhere with lost souls looking for instant gratification. And for all her bitching, she could never truly begrudge her of her vices. Oh no, the righteous Nïx had few weaknesses, but she was one of them; a fact with Roxanne often exploited.

”Oh darling~” She called out to the woman who was no doubt hard at work, supporting all those bum women that lived off of her skills. “I am going out for a bit. I promise not to be too late.” She rose to her feet, summoning a portal to avoid the confirmation that she could already hear coming her way. “I’ll play nice! I swear on the life of my mother!”

And with that little additive (which her darling would see through without hesitation), she was off to cause her needed dose of mischief and mayhem. Hey, a girl had to work right?


The name Roxanne did not come until later. In her life, she was known as Diana. Diana was born in a small, impoverished village in Poland to parents that already had too many mouths to feed. In truth, she did not remember much of those days. She remembered sleeping on the floor of an overcrowded house and the constant sting of hunger. Her days were spent waiting for her mother or father and trying to distract herself from her hunger whenever she could. Although life had been dreary then, it was all she had known. But everything familiar was swiftly taken away with the emergence of the Black Death. Suddenly, her overcrowded home became completely unbearable as sickness claimed virtually every soul inside. Her parents and siblings died painful, horrible deaths and Diana, a mere child of ten could do little to help them. By the time the sickness had gone, all that was left of the family that had brought her into this world was herself and two younger brothers.

There wasn’t much a ten-year old could do to support herself and two young siblings, even back them. For months, she and her siblings scrooged up what they could on the streets, but there was little point and little chance of escape. The plague had stolen the lives of countless others and there seemed little chance that anyone would notice if three orphans were added to the growing list of the dead. But when all hope seemed lost, someone took an interest in the children. It was a lady of the convent and through her good will, the two boys were settled into a new home and Diana was taken in to become a lady of God.

Being as young as she was, Diana was merely grateful to have a roof over her head and food in her belly. Beyond that, she did not care where she was. The convent felt like a dream in comparison to her life before, even if she proved to be a rather poor study and a bit too brash for the ways of the nunnery. Still, Diana was grateful for her good fortune and was content with the life she was given. However, life behind stone walls with gilded religion was not quite what it appeared to be.

There were others in the convent beside the nuns and they were not so devout in their religious dedications. There was one man in particular that took a liking to her in her youth and the attentions he gave her quickly went from careful affection to abusive. The first time it happened, she felt as if her soul had been tainted as well as her body. She had locked herself away for days, wanting to die, but was too cowardly to take her own life. And when she opened her door back up, it continued to happen again and again. She had turned to the mothers for help, but to her horror, they turned a blind eye to her suffering. There seemed to be no escape and the years slowly past, numbing Diana until she no longer felt anything. No joy, no pain, not anything at all.

As she grew, Diana became accustomed to the numbness. She lived as the others did; pretending. She said her prayers, fasted when necessary, and tried to block out the unpleasant reality of her circumstances. Every day blended into the last and she hardly noticed the years passing her by. If she looked back on her life then, there wouldn’t be much for her to remember except her own attempts forget. But there was one evening that she held dear to her heart. One shining moment that made all the rest of her sadness bearable.

There was a group of vampires threatening the convent and the surrounding village for some time. People would sometimes just go missing and the threats were growing daily. In an attempt to save themselves, the matron of the convent reached out to a group of fighters that said they could handle anything. Diana had not particularly cared whether or not these women came or not (although she was struck by the fact that women were claiming such incredible feats). In fact, she had rather hoped that she herself might be picked off by one of the vampires herself. She might be too much of a coward to kill herself, but she was ready to submit to death if it claimed her.

Within a fortnight, the women arrived. They were a quite the sight for the sheltered women of the convent and while Diana was not exactly permitted to greet them, she and her other younger sisters had peeked through the crack of a door. They were ethereal beauties with an otherworldly presence. She couldn’t tell what they were exactly and any questions were quickly shut down. The women left as quickly as they came and in the wake of their absence, Diana worried that they were being sent to their deaths. But within a few hours, the women were back and with evidence of their victory. The convent and the surrounding village was in awe of their deeds and a humble celebration was planned to thank them for what they had done.

That evening, in the midst of the dinner, Diana took rare moment to tune back into her surroundings. She couldn’t help but be curious about the women and the incredible feat they had accomplished. There was one woman in particular that caught her attention. She seemed to be the leader of the group, what with her commanding presence. She wasn’t necessarily the tallest woman in the room, but she had this air about her that utterly convinced Diana that if she wanted to, she could take anyone down who challenged her.

Diana spent the majority of the evening sneaking glances at her but halfway through dinner, she found her gazes were being met with equal attention. It was an odd sensation to say the least. She had been noticed before but she had never appreciated the attentions. But from the woman, she found she didn’t mind. And when the meal ended, the woman smoothly orchestrated a reason for the two of them to meet in private and before she realized what was happening, Diana was alone in the gardens with the woman. At first, she wasn’t quite sure what to say but the woman, Nix, was charming and it did not take long for her to relax.

Nix was a warrior and a powerful one at that. She told her the origins of her name, describing the huntress Athena who used a bow to hunt her prey. She described the power behind the name and told her that she saw a similar power in Diana’s eyes. It was the first time anyone had ever told her she had any kind of power and it entirely shifted her world view. Their encounter, although brief, utterly altered the way Diana thought of herself and the world around her. They parted ways (Nix giving her a brief, chaste kiss on her cheek and a flower to remember the evening) and Diana, armed with that spark of confidence, felt changing coming her way.


It wasn’t a conscious thought at first. Just an inkling, an itch really that persisted in the back of her mind. But as time wore on, it steadily grew until it became a full fledged plan.

The abuse that Diana had suffered had persisted for years with no end in sight. Her passive days had finally ended and she decided, with an air of finality, that whole institution needed to be dismantled and burned to the ground. These people had taken her in from a life of poverty and tricked her into surrendering her body and soul with their false religion, all for the sake of their own pleasure. But no more. No, she would not tolerate another day of this hell. Instead, she would take matters into her own hands.

That night, enduring seven years within the convent, she made her move to end it all. Her first act was to deal with her main abuser, a priest that often made his way to her rooms at night. That night, she greeted him, took him to her bed, and using a blade stolen from the kitchens, she stabbed him to death. It was a gruesome affair, one she hadn’t anticipated enjoying as much as she did, but once she thrust the blade into his body, she found she couldn’t stop herself. After so many years of abuse, he deserved to feel the weight of the pain he had inflicted upon her and others. After all, he had tainted her body and soul; he hardly deserved a painless death.

With he had finally ceased his struggling, Diana rose again, covered in blood, and set out to fulfill the rest of her plan. She went throughout the convent and, having taken the matrons keys, went about locking every door she passed until only the front remained. Then, she went out and set the building ablaze. The screams of her victims and the blazing fire quickly alerted the rest of the village, but by the time anyone arrived to help, there was no way to rescue the unfortunates left inside. They burned and with them, burned the remains of Diana’s old life.

After the smoke cleared, Diana hadn’t considered what would come next. Once she had made the decision to kill all those who had abused her, she had resigned herself to die as well. After all, her life had been a waste; a tainted existence that was hardly worth the time she spent on this earth. But despite her being the only one left, no one in the village accused her of starting the fire. Instead they gave her pity and Diana had to decide what to do with the rest of her life. Instead of moving on and recovering, she decided to travel to a new town over and repeat her actions.

She moved to a new convent and within months, set fire to the building and watched it burn to the ground. She continued her pattern again and again, determined to burn the system to ash that had done so little for her. Within a year, the public grew wise to her actions and jailed her with the intention of killing her in retribution for her crimes. In an act that amused her, they had her excommunicated from the church, damning her forever to hell. Diana, amused by their actions, merely laughed when they sent her to die by fire. She welcomed death and the Hell beyond with open arms. As far as she was concerned; Hell would be an improvement to the life she had lived. At least in hell, there was no pretense of goodness.


In Hell was precisely where she wound up, but it was not quite what she had expected. She was not dead in the traditional sense, doomed to an afterlife of suffering. Instead, her tainted soul gave her new life as a creature of hell and as soon as she recognize what she was, she relished in her new power and attacked her new life with vigor. In life, she had been meek for far too long but in death, she could make her mark on her world and surrender herself to the darkest recesses of her own mind. And give herself over she did. She shed the identity of Diana, the human that she had once been and gave herself a new name to go along with her new persona. Roxanne was born.

Roxanne rose throughout the ranks, prone to madness with a taste for chaos. She enjoyed destruction and fed eagerly on the pain of others. She also indulged herself by enjoying the pleasures of life where she had not before, although she never found she enjoyed intercourse with men so she avoided such interactions (unless they served as a means to an end). And for hundreds of years, she relished in her creation and the influence she had on others. In short, she had become the perfect representation of her kind. And she rose through the ranks of demon as she perfected her craft.

In the years since she became a demon, she forgot much of her human life (although she always had a hatred of priests and nuns and went out of her way to make their lives hellish), but everything else faded away. There was a time when she even forgot her own name. However, there was one thing she could not quite shake about those years; namely, the lady warrior who had shown her kindness back in the convent’s garden.

Roxanne had never anticipated seeing her again. Time was a fickle mistress and now that she was a creature of immortality, she no longer expected to recognize the faces of anyone around her, save her ‘colleagues’ so to speak. But one day, quite out of the blue, she saw her again.

The woman was just as devastatingly beautiful as she had been in her memories and twice as fierce. But to be fair, her ferocity perhaps had something to do with the fact that Roxanne herself was in a rather compromising situation, what with her torturing a handful of humans on a makeshift pire. In fact, the woman seemed rather dead-set on her killing her right there, but a little sweet-talking (combined with some quick avoidance) set the situation right. Sure she lost her toys, but the woman seemed satisfied to let her scurry away again and live to fight another day. Only, Roxanne couldn’t quite let it go. The woman who had fascinated her for so long was there in the flesh; how could she let her go? The answer was, of course, she could not. So Roxanne, never one to compromise with what she wanted, followed the woman and so began yet another turning point in her existence.


It was not much of a love story. Or rather, it wasn’t a love story in the traditional sense. Instead, it started out rather poorly. Roxanne would go out of her way to harass the woman (Nïx was her name) and her advances were hardly appreciated. Nïx was a fierce creature who was devoted to her people and she had no time to spend entertaining a demon that wanted something from her. But Roxanne couldn’t help herself. She had wanted Nïx long before she had known how to want anything, and now as a demon, she simply could not stop herself. She invented reasons to bug her, relishing in the physical challenges that nearly got her killed on several occasions, and devoting herself to memorizing everything she could about the fascinating woman. In the beginning, she had almost believed that if she could have her fill of the woman, she might become satisfied and move on. But as time passed and there was no sign of Roxanne’s obsession diminishing, she began to understand that this was not a passing fancy.

At first, it appeared that Nïx (understandably) despised her. She clearly had no recollection of their first encounter and Roxanne had no intention of reminding her. Instead, all she knew was the demon that seemed to have a rather unhealthy obsession with her. But as the years wore on, something changed within them both. There was this recognition of familiarity between them. Slowly, their encounters became less violent (although both of them rather enjoyed the power behind their physical confrontations) and more comfortable. There were several occasions when they were able to hold legitimate conversations before one or both of them recognized that there was something inherently wrong with their civility and all good-will broke down between them. But still, there was something there. Something that kept them both coming back together. Something that sparked a kind of feeling within Roxy that she couldn’t quite recognize. But more importantly, it was a feeling she couldn’t ignore.

After nearly a fifty years of dancing around each other, there was a moment where Roxanne thought the time had come. Nïx was receptive and seemed to crave the same sort of connection that she did. But before they could take the next step together, Nïx had attached herself to another woman and a child was born. Nïx became the child’s mother and even though the woman died not long after, her new responsibilities as a parent kept Roxanne at a distance. After all, what kind of parent would want their child to be exposed to a demon?

Roxanne’s patience was eventually rewarded however. After years of pining, Nïx opened herself to her and the demon settled in to become a permanent companion to the fierce woman that had captured her attention so long ago. For the most part, the two of them as partners worked rather splendidly. While Roxanne could hardly ignore her true nature, Nïx helped curb some of her darker characteristics and diminished her ‘episodes.’ And in turn, she did her part to bring a little excitement into the hard-working warriors life. Of course, Nïx scarcely left her alone with her daughter (or “not daughter” because the woman could not be motherly for the life of her), but Roxanne didn’t care. She had her warrior queen and she was satisfied.

Now, they live together in an apartment in the city. Nïx spends her time divided between her family and Roxanne herself and despite Roxanne’s vices, they never looked back from the lives they had before. And for all the darkness in the world, she supposed there was a kind of peace in that simply recognition that life never ceased to move forward.


25. Mountain. PM or Discord. character #4.

application by nicole (i, ii, iii, iv).
 Posted: May 14 2018, 10:38 PM

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