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Welcome to New York, home of the city that never sleeps. That couldn’t be more true. Angels and Demons play tug-o-war with souls while Reapers look to claim them and take them to their rightful destination. Humans fight to be heard while Witches fear to be seen. Shape shifters are the outcasts of this world, but refuse to be put down. Werewolves claw to be at the top of the food chain, but Vampires are always plotting and scheming to be superior. Just like the land, the waters are also teeming with life as the Merpeople have their own network of life and enemies to defend against. Valyrian is a bustling realm of Elves and Dragons that fight their own war.

Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Tyler Eugene Dearden, 62, Ocelot Shifter, Merissa
Tyler Dearden
 Posted: Dec 12 2017, 08:22 AM


Age // 62

Posts // 17

Rank // *scoff*

Nicknames // Ty, Dillon

Species // Ocelot

Status // Suck my dick, bitch + Homosexual


The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.

Merissa + CDT + She/Her

Tyler Eugene Dearden

Ty/Dillon. 62. Shapeshifter. Jake Bass.


> October 7, 1955


> Dancer> Gatet Petit


>Dunsmuir >California> USA


> New York> New York> USA


> N/A > N/A


> Flaming > Fuck you.

“So, my life is shit. My dad left us when he found out we were shifters. He took my sister with him and just...vanished. That was 58 years ago. Who knows what happened to them. After that, it was just my mom, my twin brother, and I. We made it work."

"Brenda, my mom, worked nights at a diner so she could put a roof over our heads. My brother and I were alone most of the time after school, (If we even went) so we ended up causing a lot of problems. We stole food from street vendors and windows and shit. It was our way of helping out Brenda."

"I’m not ashamed to admit that I blame her. She knew Stewart hated shifters when she met him, and she married him anyway. What was going through her head? Hmm!? That all of her children would be born human? That 4-year-olds would know not to shift in front of their father? Jesus christ! Come on, Brenda!"

"Anyway, enough of my shitty childhood."

"When I was like...30? Maybe I was 31 or 32? I don’t know. Whatever. The point is, I knew I was gay from an early age and the only other person that knew was Dillon, and I'd sworn him to secrecy. It wasn’t until the mid-80’s that I realized just how twisted I really was. That was when I met Darryl. He was this massive Bear. No, not an actual bear, just...a Bear."

"The first Burning Man was kinda nuts. A lot of people were high as fuck. Nobody wanted to share with a shifter because it takes so much for us to get there. Selfish bastards. But Darryl…? Darryl was more than happy to share with me. Like, yeah, I put half his stash up my nose in a single sitting, but he didn’t really seem to mind.”


“Anyway, we went back to his tent. Well, you couldn’t really call it a tent. I was a tarp staked to the ground and strung between a few sticks. Whatever. That’s when I first realized how fucked I was sexually. He beat my ass, choked me, put his joints out on my back, (I've got the scars to prove it. Wanna see? Lifts shirt to show his left shoulder) and a lot of other shit. I loved pretty much all of it."

"He didn’t really give back a lot of the time, but he let me live with him and he fed me. He knew I was a stripper when he met me at Burning Man, so why he started having a problem with it later, I’ll never know. He told me to quit. I made the mistake of laughing in his face."

"Even with my advanced healing, I was black and blue for a week with a broken arm and a fractured jaw. It was maybe...4 years after that that I left him? Maybe it was three? Doesn’t matter really. Point is, I stayed for a while so I could save money to be able to afford my own place."

"Back then, nobody really paid attention to one man stalking another man. Restraining orders and ‘domestic violence’ weren’t really available to men. It took another 3 years...5?...to get him to leave me alone. At this point, it was like...1999? Maybe it was 2000? Not important."

"After I finally got him to leave me the fuck alone, I jumped from club to club, dancing for as long as the manager or owner could stand me. I think I’d been through maybe 7 or 8 clubs before I walked into Gatet Petit. That’s where I met Oriol. He gave me the once-over, asked if I could dance, and told me to come back for a trial the next night. I’ve been working there since."

"That’s where I met Jason. Jason is kind of nerdy looking and totally straight, but he's adorable as fuck. It’s kind of a shame. He’s gorgeous. I’d do him in a hot second. Whatever. We’re best friends. His girlfriend of 8 years just up and left him one day. What a bitch. Poor Jason is in the same situation I was in with Derryl, only Jenette isn’t stalking him and he’s still in love with her."

"She left him because she thought he was really gay. He just works here for the money. He needed it because he was paying for their wedding, except, now there’s no wedding. When I found out she’d left him, I took him out for drinks and pool. We went to a straight bar. I pretended to be interested in the chicks because he needed to get laid."

"It didn’t happen."

"We went back to my place and passed out on the couch watching some action movie. I wasn’t really paying attention and he picked it. We were both pretty shit-faced and I passed out early on. We ended up going to work still drunk the next day. Well, he did, I got re-drunk at work."

"That was 6 months ago."

“Lately there’s been this big brunette coming in. He’s so sexy. He’s got this...scar?...over his right eye. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about scars that just...gets me. Well, there’s a lot that just gets my engine going. Scars, tats, big arms, wide shoulders. Fuck. Just thinking about it has me all excited."


"I’d love to taste him at least once, but he doesn’t seem all that interested in me. I’ve even offered. He just...stares at me. He’s totally a wolf, but god is he a fox! I just want to free his hair from that stupid man bun, sink my fingers into it, and rub myself all over him.”


“Must be an Ocelot thing. Maybe it’s a cat thing in general? Whatever. Not important. I have no idea what his name is, but I want a bite. He looks like he could keep up, unlike most of the guys I’ve been with. Would be nice. Maybe I’ll wear him down eventually. I hope so. He’s #Goals.”


28. CDT. PM/Discord. character #4.

application by nicole (i, ii, iii, iv).

 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 10:14 AM


Age // 28

Posts // 167

Rank // N/A

Nicknames // Dark

Species // Admin

Status // Single + Straight


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a message!

Dark + GMT (England) + He/Him


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