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Welcome to New York, home of the city that never sleeps. That couldn’t be more true. Angels and Demons play tug-o-war with souls while Reapers look to claim them and take them to their rightful destination. Humans fight to be heard while Witches fear to be seen. Shape shifters are the outcasts of this world, but refuse to be put down. Werewolves claw to be at the top of the food chain, but Vampires are always plotting and scheming to be superior. Just like the land, the waters are also teeming with life as the Merpeople have their own network of life and enemies to defend against. Valyrian is a bustling realm of Elves and Dragons that fight their own war.

Welcome to a world where nightmares come to life. The day time isn't all that safe either. Who do you align with? Where do you stand in this crazy life? Or will you be just another face in the night?

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 Site Rules, Learn and obey!
 Posted: Jul 31 2017, 02:59 AM


Age // 28

Posts // 171

Rank // N/A

Nicknames // Dark

Species // Admin

Status // Single + Straight


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a message!

Dark + GMT (England) + He/Him

Registration Rules -
  • You must read all the “Must Read” threads before applying. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a staff member.
  • Site Trigger Warning - This is the only compulsory trigger warning you will see on this site. We don’t demand anyone uses them and though you are more than welcome to, not everyone who writes graphic content will add a warning. The same applies to mature thread tags ([M] in the title). We cannot guarantee that you will not find uncomfortable things on the site, so we ask that anyone who is easily disturbed use the site with caution.
  • Due to the nature of the site, you MUST be 18 or older to join. The site holds a 3-3-3 rating (extreme swearing, sex, and violence) and whilst you don’t have to participate in any of this, there will be plots that involve these things to the point of crossing normal boundaries.
  • Everyone joining should first register with a parent OOC account. Every character gets a new account.
  • Character accounts should be registered with the character’s full name with proper casing. Ex: First Middle Last
  • When creating your sample post for the character application, a minimum of 800 words is required for this one-off specification (only one sample post per user is needed). This is also the word count for the application itself. 800 words for the app, 800 for the sample post.
  • If you only intend to write smut, this is allowed, but understand that you may find your plots limited. Not everyone is here to write smut nor are they going to be forced to.
Character Rules -
  • Any play-by that you use MUST be 18 or older in any photos you use or in real life. No sexual actions can be done with any minors, including non-player characters. Any underage sex will result in a permanent ban!
  • There is no maximum age restriction on characters outside their individual species lifespan. However, any character over the age of 2000 will be subject to a full staff vote, excluding angels, demons, and reapers.
  • We have no limit to how many characters you can create, but we will expect a minimum of ten posts per character before you can make a new one. We do not want more characters than posts on the site. OOC posts do not count (such as games or claims).
  • Original characters only! What this means is no existing characters from existing series such as Underworld, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter etc. Characters created on other sites, so long as they are OC and edited to fit with our site, are welcome!
  • We ask that you use an original character rather than one from a wanted ad for your first character. This allows us to the opportunity to witness your creativity and style.
  • High powered characters, such pack Alpha of Alphas can only be accessed after you have one existing character with the minimum of ten posts. We are aware new members are the most likely to just jump ship, so, in order to protect the site plots, this is why we must insist on this.
  • No characters based on historically accurate people will be allowed (so no Napoleon the vampire).
  • When choosing site images for your character, please follow the “no nips or bits” rule. This applies to BOTH genders. Not everyone wants to see constant topless men all the time. However, provocative clothing, so long as nips and genitals are covered, are allowed.
  • Celebrities (actors, models, singers, athletes etc) are preferred play-bys, however, "internet celebrities" will be allowed. They must have a large following, need to upload regularly, and must be considered a model/actor/singer of some kind. If you are unsure if your choice falls under this rule, please feel free to speak to an admin about it. Adult/mature models and actors are permitted, please obey the "no nips or bits" rule for all your images, whether they are male or female.
  • We currently have no ban on any certain storylines or characters. However, if we feel that certain types of characters are being made in large numbers (for example, vampire hitmen), we reserve the right to pend the application until a new path is found. It is unlikely that this will need to be enforced, but it is always wise to see what other characters exist that might be similar to yours.
  • All sexual orientations are welcome on the site, but please do not define your character by their sexuality.
  • If you intend to drop a character, you can do so at any time. Please contact an admin and they will begin the process. However, you MUST let everyone who has a plot with that character know and please allow them a few days to set up a new plot to replace it before contacting the admins.
  • When your application is being looked at, the admin reviewing it will post a reply. Do not pester other admins about the application if it’s already being read. We will also contact you to let you know what’s happening with the application.
Posting Rules -
  • Things such as godmoding, metagaming or power playing are not allowed unless express consent is given by the character's player. If you are unsure if you or someone else is doing this, feel free to query with the staff.
  • Consent is important, but you don’t have to ask about every little thing. If you make a post that someone doesn’t like or approve of, discuss it with them to find an agreed upon outcome. Only involve the admins if people are not using any form of consent or the problem escalates.
  • If you and another writer have a dispute or disagreement that you cannot resolve, feel free to contact the admins for mediation. Please use screenshots for any disputes brought to the admins as copied text is not a reliable source of evidence.
  • Do not pester others for plots, characters, or interactions. It is rude and will not be tolerated. Use the correct platforms like the plots forum and be prepared to take "No" for an answer.
  • When posting in threads with other players, we ask that you make your posts a minimum of 200 words.
  • When creating a thread, if you do not state the set date for the thread in the opening post, we will assume it is set on the day it was posted. Thread dates can be anywhere from one month before and after the time of posting is allowed. Please keep note of when your posts are set so that no canon storylines get retconned by a new post.
  • Hateful, hurtful and vile language is only permitted IN CHARACTER, and even then, it must be relevant to the character, plot, species or theme. If we feel you are using vulgar terms (such as racial slurs) just for the sake of it, we reserve the right to remove that character or even you from the site.
  • Any thread that is left for over a month with no posts will be archived. If you wish to get it back, please contact an admin and we’ll return it. That said, if the same thread is repeatedly inactive, we reserve the right to refuse further down the line.
  • Instead of a seasonal or monthly activity check, if a member does not post over the course of a month without providing an LOA during this period, they will receive a one-week warning from an admin. If they still do not post, they will receive a strike. Three strikes and you’re out. Two in a row and admins CAN still remove you for continued absence.
Chatting Rules -
  • Please do not spam the cbox with plot talk. Keep any and all plotting to the correct forum, private messages, or outside services like Discord or Skype.
  • Our cbox and Discord are to be treated as NSFW (though Discord has sections for extra NSFW content). We have a large tolerance for language. However, racism, sexism, hateful language, etc will not be allowed. If you are warned by an admin and continue, you will be removed from the chat.
  • The cbox is 18+ but try not to spam it with smut.
  • Do not encourage Dark's ego. It's big enough as it is.
  • Our Discord is our main place for chatting, though we still use the cbox. Expect to find announcements and admins in the cbox. Any newbies please say hello in the cbox first.
  • Please do not advertise in the cbox. We have an advertisement section made for that. If you’re a member and want to share something you are a part of, you can post your own channels (such as twitch, twitter etc) if you so wish but do not spam the cbox with it.
Miscellaneous Rules -
  • If you expect to be absent from the site for a period of time, please use the leave of absence board and tag those who might be affected, along with the admins. Please also give an estimate of how long you expect to be absent. If this is possible, explain why in the note, excluding personal reasons.
  • Treat your fellow writers with respect and please come to the admins if there is no respect being given. We will not tolerate bullying or nasty behaviour.
  • Staff have the right to issue warnings, bans, or punishments over any OOC actions made by a member/guest. Any warnings that are ignored will incur stronger punishments.
  • The last rule is simple; try to have fun and enjoy your time here!
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